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(A) BIO-ROSS Drain Cleaner With Waste Elimination Enzymes (Drain Cleaner & Septic Tank Treatment) qty, 1-ea. 2-lb. Container

Bacterial Drain Cleaner & Septic System Waste Elimination Enzymes

One 2-lb. container treats one- 1000 Gallon septic tank or up to 100- drain line applications

U.S.D.A. & E.P.A. Approved Bio-degradable Organic Waste Digester!

Natural Occuring Biological Organisms & Enzyme Cleaners!

"No" Caustics or Harsh Chemicals!

"BIO-ROSS" is the natural way! "BIO-ROSS" is made up of 8-bacterial strains. Each 2-lb. container has over 4.5 trillion enzyme producing bacteria. "BIO-ROSS" produces enzymes which eliminates modern synthetic detergents, cleaners, soaps, oils, fats, grease and toilet paper from the drain system. Best of all, "BIO-ROSS" is safe.

"BIO-ROSS" will transform organic waste (such as animal & human waste, grease, vegetation, etc.) into carbon, water, and other safe and acceptable elements which will then run harmlessly out of your drain or septic system and then become food for plant life. It's the natural way! No Chemicals or Caustics that will harm the environment.

If you have a garbage disposal,
"BIO-ROSS" is a "must have" product!

If you have a Septic System, or a Grease Trap, "BIO-ROSS" is a "must have" product!

A 2-lb. "BIO-ROSS" will treat one -1000 gallon Septic Tank. "BIO-ROSS" can completely renew your septic system and it's drain field by restoring necessary bacteria required for your system to keep itself clean.

Here's just a few of the results you can expect with "BIO-ROSS":

  • Slow running drains will improve quickly.
  • Use Bio-Ross to clean up sewer overflows.
  • Your septic tank will start digesting organic matter again.
  • Those sluggish drain fields will become more active.
  • RV holding tanks will start digesting organic matter again.

I have been in the Plumbing Business for 50 years. "BIO-ROSS" is one of the best products for drain and septic system maintenance that I've ever used and I've used just about everything out there.

Less than $ .50 cents per drain line application.
Save yourself the aggravation and hundreds of dollars in drain cleaning services!

Quit paying the Plumbers to come out and clean your drains, especially the kitchen sink drain.
Click here for Bio-Ross case of 6

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